The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

18th April 2021

Anyway had realllly scattered dreams that I genuinely can't put 2 and 2 together on but I know

At one point I was in a Lidl buying Cream Soda
At one point I was on a beach in Greece and someone was beating the shit out of reigen arataka
At one point I was in some kind of Nintendo switch dev environment and they were making shit out of wood and chains
At one point I was playing on the Minecraft realm having dug a big pit, and even though I was alone and Sam was offline, his character was still stood idling where he logged off last
At one point I was investigating some new dinosaur fossils
And then, at one point, while hanging out with characters I cannot discern, we find Bernie Sanders cane, which had an Ao3 sticker on it.
This is not to our surprise since his a03 acc was common knowledge. We went on it to have a look and his most recent fic was peachxyoshi from peachs perspective

So psychoanalyse that

- Luca

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