The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

20th April 2021

Dreamed someone, presumably sega, put out a pet site/game thing where you could create very bappy late 2010s furries and it had a whole lot of personality sliders
(which you could just all set to zero and the pet would be very lethargic)

Anyway I say "presumably sega", BC somehow, with this, the deadly six were tied in as a Thing. And sega used this as a vehicle to reveal the lore that the deadly six could... Hm.
(Nsfw) that the only emotion the deadly six could feel while jacking it was anger?

I had a discussion in the dream on how 1. That's probably not great and 2. Why the fuck did sega reveal this?

Like ig it was relevant BC there was sex in the game, very the sims in nature that it was. But also. Cross promotion of brands gone wrong (gone sexual) I suppose
Also yeah the gameplay was just the Sims now I think abt it. I think it was just Sims mmo with furries
A game that would tbh, probably sell but probably would not be worth the server space to keep it online

The sega brand reveal wasn't even in game they just said it on a press release, but the characters did show up as like interactable npcs who you could fuck, again, a la the sims, so the lore was noooot relevant
In the dream I think I was playing and streaming it to you guys and we mostly found it lackluster
Sadly no I do not remember the sim furry we made beyond "blue, had the proportions of a cinnadog, all sliders set to bad so he basically did nothing of his own free will"
Though I do remember that we fucked the goth one out of the deadly six since idk group consensus
Overall super mundane dream outside of the fucking "the zeti live in my fucking brain permanently now I guess" bits

- Luca

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