The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

24th April 2021

had a weird fuckin dream last night

first chunk of it i think i was hanging out with this kid? i dont remember his name, but he went camping alone so i just like.
teleported into his tent to help him set it up just to discover he didnt have the right tools to even set it up never mind food and shit so he drove us to some town to buy supplies,
but idk he fucked off after a while and i had to call my parents to pick me up.

anyway at some point after this the dream straight converts into a finding nemo sequel. the main character is not nemo, but in fact his best friend.
i do not remember what kind of fish he was or his name, but i know he was noticeably smaller than nemo. he was the class clown troublemaker type who wanted to like get into a talent show and sing or something?

anyway at some point nemo goes missing cause its finding nemo but he actually just shows back up again real fast. hes acting a little off but no one seems to take note they are just cool to have nemo back
the main character ends up framed for a string of crimes seemingly tied to this fish gang hes never heard of but nemo gets him out of it
ever time i think he straight busts him out of prison so he can get to the talent show or something

anyway at the talent show the REAL nemo shows up before our main guy can sing and reveals that the nemo thats been with them this whole film is actually the boss of the gang and he was???
planning to murder several fish that night and pin it on the main character??? anyway real nemo just grows a giant hand out of his back and flings the mob boss clownfish into the deep ocean to die.
i woke up after this so thats finding nemo 2 everyone

i want to note that nobody questioned the identity of fake nemo the entire film in-universe. not marlin, not dory, not his best friend, no one. everyone was just like yep this is nemo :]

finding dory was not acknowledged at all throughout the film from what i remember so im saying i got to peer into a better timeline
actualy i dont think marlin or dory spoke like at all in the film they just appeared in the background sometimes

- Pearl

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