The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

25th April 2021

Had a dream abt a group of like, spooky creatures (like vampires n shit) who, due to curse shit, had to die every Halloween and had to have a contingency plan to revive themselves each year
Though this time they fucked up and the like, youngest of the group, who was basically a 6 year old girl was the only one revived, so she had to try do it all herself before the end of the night.
Actual designs I recall:
This girls mother figure was a disembodied hand with long nails and what looked like fish spawn coming out of the stump
And the only creature to survive the curse each year was literal Dracula since he had been trapped in a room of mirrors, as in, he was inside the like, mirror dimension.
Since he was kind of a bastard who didn't abide by the 'dont attack humans' rule. Also he was black ig. like in billy and mandy.
So I think the girl teamed up with Dracula and a few humans to do the thing they had to do to revive everyone

- Luca

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