The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

25th April 2021

had a dream i was in like. a house, but shared with other people. like, over a dozen other people.
it was on the beach n there were a bunch of mattresses in each room except for the bathrooms and the kitchen and everyone had claimed a mattress and had their stuff scattered around the mattress.

well, someone was inviting me in, and i knew i wanted somewhere to sleep that night, so i started walking around exploring.
and i saw/heard an ex-friend on the second floor, sitting on a mattress by the upper bathroom door. he had his rats w/ him but like. i dont remember if anything else.

and i felt nothing, but i didnt want him to look at me, because he didnt deserve to know i was there. so i went back downstairs and picked a corner mattress that looked empty.
i know i was carrying lori with me so i had the birdcage too.

anyway turns out that bed was actually claimed so i had to gather up all my things n move a few over which was a bitch.
when i got to my bed i left all my things except for lori packed up in case i had to move again.
n i heard bitchboy talking upstairs because his voice carries so i just chatted with my bed neighbors til everyone was ready to sleep

surprisingly comfortable dream. woke up feeling good if exhausted

- Cecilia

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