The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

26th April 2021

Had a dream where an acquaintance of mine had switched professions from chef to... Scientist and was managing to full on Jurassic park things, except it was just By My House

So he'd revived a diplodocus and parausaurlophus and like. The parausaurlophus was on the roof and the diplodocus had been muzzled.
I was fucking furious, like I specifically was getting like violent w this guy and going on about morals and ethics. I specifically kept saying "science without empathy is monstrous"
The parausaurlophus managed to slip away from the clearly distressed diplodocus BC the diplodocus got tricked by the facades on the side of the house and thought they were the parausaurlophus' crest

I was splitting my time between ratting this guy out to everyone he ever knew and using the fact that i was physically bigger than then to threaten them physically.

They'd specifically come to me expecting I'd be jazzed so they were extremely taken off guard when I immediately saw this animal cruelty and like, was just fucking barking at them abt ethics

Anyway he eventually put out a piss weak 'ill do ethics' statement online, even though he was vehement that I was wrong, and everyone was praising him for taking such a brave stance.
I continued the physical threats BC I couldn't trust the fucker

- Luca

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