The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

1st May 2021

Had a dream where
I threw snowballs (looked like they were about 20% sand and dirt, just like real British snowballs) to casually put out a house fire
(and was realistically missing like every third shot due to having no arm strength), and joked I could only throw well when I was in the mindset of a juggalo?

Then went to what seemed to be a cafeteria in a school-like building with my housemates and a guy who I met throwing snowballs who like, knew me?,
and I was trying to be all friendly and he was awkwardly shirking me off the whole time. Anyway in the cafeteria behind those glass display cases were mostly sweets and pastries.
We saw the cheaper half off due to deformities cupcakes and they were labelled "homophobic treats" with a little donkey drawn next to it, and we thought it was funny and bought some.
Then the cashier was like thanks so much :) reminder that all proceeds go to the trump charity

So me and my friends are like Fuck, conservatives, now we're legally obligated to find a way to ruin this place.
I try and catch up to That Guy to warn him and tell him just before he heads into the bathroom, however doing so reveals the hallways outside the cafeteria are.... Active hospital hallways

I go back to my friends and bite into the thing I bought, which was accidentally not a cupcake, but like, imagine an ice cream sandwich, but it's white bread and marshmallow fluff.
I tentatively bite it. Not only is it gross but it starts screaming BC it's alive?? Like it is somehow a person who like befell a witches curse and became a food item

And the dream ended there. So ????

- Luca

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