The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

4th May 2021

also dream of the night is disjointed as hell because i woke up at 5am and fell back asleep and continued the dream so i barely remember the first half but things i remember from part 2;

- convincing three other kids to play pretend with me [i got to be a horse pulling a carriage]
- walking through some dudes garden on all fours because im still pretending to be a horse for some reason.
this man did not want people walking through his front garden but he was yelling at the other kids so i got off scott free
- encountering my sister on the way back and she was pushing a trolley with 2 red carts attached to it.
one of them had like an object in it that would let her walk through that dudes garden but i dont remember what it was

- Pearl

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