The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

8th May 2021

Design that showed up in my dream
Doc scratch lookin ass.. white face no eyes no hair... But a defined pointy chin, long face and permagrin-frown mouth...
And stubble going from chin up to where ears would be, but only around the edge of the face, very cartoony in that regard.
Otherwise skinny suit jacket body or w/e, they might have been wearing green? Something to do with snakes....

Anyway they were very mildly antagonistic to me but I acted like they should get over it and be friends with me. Ad libbed some lyrics over eurobeat bronys discord(?) abt them and how Goofy their beef was with me(???)

A lady interrupted our conversation (We were at a table in a large yellow corn field) and asked each of us to write an entire songs lyrics down on the base of a small Buddha statue.
I say I can maybe do a verse, my handwriting is very big. She insists the full song. Multiple other people have written on the base of this thing prior to me.

In the sky multiple Hubble-looking and other cylindrical satellites orbit merely a hundred metres above the earth. Knuckles the echidna is also there.

- Luca

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