The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

8th May 2021

Had a dream with Lamper in it
Unfollowable plot and setting ways but

- over at someone else's house, unclear whether it's a friends or family's, seems to just casually blend into a massive mall?
- To get there we go down a long empty highway with billboards of recent th characterss on them which wall off the sides of the road
- at this house we're all hanging out, and me, a friend and I are playing on an Xbox 360, trying to beat a game that looks a bit like spore. Neither of us can beat it and we agree it blows
- Lamper shows up and I guess she was just part of the group.
- She drags a table into the living room. Puts it next to the chair I'm sitting on, Sits on the table and puts her legs up on my lap.
- She has a thigh tattoo of the number 12? I specifically comment on "I don't remember putting that on your design."
- she also sucks at the game

- Sam

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