The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

9th May 2021

Had a dream where Sam and I had for some reason been employed as lifeguards,
and every fucking time we looked away weirdo right wingers were trying to drown us or our co workers with a giant yellow inflatable platform
We kept thwarting their efforts and eventually were like "we have enough evidence to just beat the shit out of them" and did attempt murder via pool floatie

Now. There was also one of these guys selling furry renditions of alt right figureheads.
Just like, a stall on the sand of this faux beach, like a characature artist in a tourist town. But they were all sexy scantily clad furry girls.
We trash his shit too but not before taking a pic of the Jeepster as a blonde yellow furry girl who was, to quote one of our fictional co-workers
"For some reason, throwing it back like a lil thottie"

We confiscate his shit and go back to regular lifeguarding

- Luca

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