The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

13th May 2021

Had a dream abouuuuut fnaf
New game, new mechanics. You're sat in a room directly across from golden Freddy, and the room is dim.
You have to fill your screen with jigsaw pieces that match it (yknow how fnaf is prerendered bgs), and those make it sliiightly lighter, and the more you put down the less danger you're in.
The game increases in difficulty by having more, usually smaller animatronics like helpy also in the room and by changing what room you're in each level,
and by changing the gimmick of the jigsaw pieces (like their shapes and sizes)
It's best to prioritize the pieces that comprise the animatronic since filling them in deactivates them. But also later levels are super dim with super small pieces and many hidden smaller animatronics

Despite it all it was a p easy game and I didn't get jumpscared until like night 4

- Luca

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