The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

18th May 2021

had a dream that seems to have come up with a pretty solid piece of game design advice??????????
like. in the dream i was taking to someone bc i was kinda in a place where there were effectively panels like at conventions.
(other panels seemed to include, a computer science one where i dont know what the end goal was because the guy just made us dissolve cigarettes in water?),
and evidently i went to something on game design
and there was this concept called "bad game, no goose"
which was like, advice mostly for adventure games, but was basically the advice to never trap the player somewhere there's nothing to talk to.
always have, at least, a goose that goes honk, even if it has no purpose. the idea being like, never trap your player somewhere boring where there's no dialogue, like, during a long puzzle sequence or something.
Literally they gave the example of undertale's phonecalls bc like, it basically always means there is at least one bit of dialogue the player can amuse themselves with in any room?

like. i have googled around and at the very least, the name "bad game, no goose" for this idea is entirely my brains own creation. what the fuck.

- Luca

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