The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

20th May 2021

in the dream i DID have both a pet crocodile and. another one i dont remember but both were dangerous animals that were scary to be in the water with and they both loved me

however i had to leave

tldr i was somewhere with a class (?) of other people and at the end of the dream something had failed so we had to pack up and leave.
the issue was, when i heard the departure time, i had barely started packing, so i started packing in a terrified panic. the time was specifically 3:30.

they didn't wait for me, so i was just kinda left stranded. the staff (?) at the place i was staying pitied me though so they tried to get me on the next voyage out.

and then when i was finally settled instead of feeling relieved i just started grieving really hard for the animals :(

they were both incredibly sweet though. i remember being slightly worried about them not playing nice together
(or getting hurt by one of the massive fish i saw just beneath the surface of the water) but they were fine

- Cecilia

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