The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

24th May 2021

oh hmm had some level of weird dream that did very much have a blatant "WHAT IF YOUVE BURNED ALL YOUR BRIDGES AND EVERYBODY LEFT YOU" moment, but more importantly,
a whole diatribe abt the simpsons? mostly abt the cosmic horror that is the way the series has to continue throughout time with no recourse.
also i had to go through an obstacle course that looked suspiciously like a minecraft map in some places but in others was just a generic spooky forest.
also im pretty fucking sure william afton got namedropped at some point. there was also a game mechanic boss fight type thing which. hold on. ill try get this bit across somewhat coherently.

it was evil tag. like it was basicallyyyy,,, you are on a big grid. you had some kind of dnd ass number that was 'how many squares you can move in a turn',
but the whole thing was you were fleeing from vampires??? One of them accused me of being racist since i was running from them.
while i was actively fleeing from them because they were a vampire and that was the set rules of the game/bossfight/virtual reality jigsaw trap.
it was in some kinda cyberspace bullshit, like, black everything, cyan glowing grid. Anyway the bullshit part was the vampires didn't have to conform to the grid.

There were multiple people on this grid w me, which im pretty sure at least some of them were my friends.
swear to god sam appeared in this dream SOMEWHERE but it may legit have been me calling him to be like "yo wtf is william afton a vampire in da lore or what", wasn't coherent enough.
but yeah the only reason I could even escape da vampires was that on some turns they wouldn't target me so Id just bolt for a clear corner. I recall being very annoyed by the whole thing while doing it.

then i think the dream ended? god idk. it was very jumbled.

man the structure of that dream was so weird. it just like frontloaded a bunch of stuff that was blatantly classical freudian subconcious shit with like.
oom full of people maliciously abandoning me to fend for myself under a time limit and me having to phone my parents to get me out of that mess then my brain was clearly
like blah blah blah boooring we're going to make you scurry around marble pillars and think about the simpsons now
like the backend of the dream where i do weird dumb bullshit was so much longer than the normal person stress dream like aight

"not today freud i have very large leaves to ride in down the river like a boat while the looming disfigured fragment of homer simpson's humanity accosts me"

- Luca

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