The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

30th May 2021

I had a dream that there was a new hitman level where Agent 47 had to infiltrate combination of a Secret Lab, Military Base and Super-Rich party.
I don't remember the targets but I remember that the Wealthy were going to take a rocket to an alien world to escape earth,
there were multiple ways to destroy the rocket but I went with just tearing out some wires on a side panel of the rocket.
When it launched it went up fine but then spun out of control and ended up crashing in a nearby field.
This didn't kill anyone aboard but it did cause like a Lockdown scenario in the building.
47 had to crouch underneath a tank in a small side room to avoid all the soldiers, tanks, and seemingly robot tanks now rushing around.

Eventually a clown dressed in Red, Yellow and Black walked in and 47 knocked him out and stole his gear but not his clothes, which excluded a really cool handgun.
It was Red and Black with a Woodgrain handle and panel on the side of the barrel.
Though while looting the unconscious clown, guys who I think were the Vlogbrothers (Hank n' John Green) came in
and 47 had to talk them down about how he didn't kill anyone but his targets who were evil anyways. They seemed to understand.

I don't remember 47 actually escaping but I do remember that on the way to the level exit there was a golf cart you could turn on that would roll down an incline and into a crowd.

- Sam

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