The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

31st May 2021

had a scattered dream that did yet again involve tails the fox acting like an actual child instead of a vague teen boy genius,
it was set on a town that im just gonna say was basically pacifidlog town from hoenn but with Some grassy landmass strewn about.
there was some vague zombie-ish threat? Nobody was particularly stressed though.
Im pretty fucking sure one of the people we picked up on the way through the town was just straight up evan stanley. she did not seem bothered that tails was real and present.

Also, Ali got to be in the dream and they just kinda befriended a neon green squirrel/bird (it was inconsistent), and i do just mean a regular animal, and not a furry.
It wasn't sapient or anything it was just an animal. Anyway my brain told me that said squird was a fictional character in the fiction of mymk a la pasta and that's why ali was like,
treating like it was sapient when it super was not.

[Ali voice]: I dunno, what do you think we should do next?
[Squird]: *Gnaws acorn*

ali did not seem to acknowledge any of the other party members, like tails the fox, sadly
but i do have recollections on the befriending of the animal feat. my sleepy brain being a lore stickler once again
said animal befriending seemed to happen when the team was crawling downhill toward a cool bird (i think pheasant?).
I think the nature of the steep downhill slope was somewhat informed by our garden? either way, upon approaching this bird, instead of being spooked,
because it had been approached nicely it responded to being pet almost like a cat would, and several other birds descended upon the party, notably a peacock.

the bird ali eventually befriended, i think, initially was just a normal brown bird that was pheasant-esque, but that, i think, is when my brain went
'mm, hold on, ali knows this bird from a fictional series within mymk, and birds dont exist in mymk. quick, fix that lore inconsistency' and flipped it to a squirrel?
Then it appended the other justifications for its strangeness

- Luca

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