The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

3rd June 2021

I don't think I could explain much abt my dream. But the antagonist was an incellish dude who looked exactly like rotg jack frost and could shapeshift into alomomola specifically

Ok I'm gonna elaborate on this dream slightly BC I feel like I should mention that there was also an entire, agonisingly serious plot thread,
where a very nice trans woman was at risk of being outed by this alomomola man to her friend who looked like Rapunzel Tangled and eventually resolved that her friend was very nice
and would be accepting (and she was), whilst also having to try and fight this man who was, and I reiterate, an alomomola

I think the trans woman could shapeshift into Pikachu since the whole trans outing thing was BC 'oh fuck my clothes got lost in the scuffle BC I don't magically keep them when I shapeshift'
and based on my recollection of I think a Pikachu with mint green accent colours I think that was her?

Also her name was Sarah I think which is weirdly normal in this wildass dream
And also I was there as myself during the whole thing and me and Sarah (as Pikachu) had to fend off like, 2 raccoons who seemed real aggressive while waiting for the friend to come back
Literally had the thought process 'did either of us get bit? We'll have to go to the doctor's for rabies just in case'
It was simultaneously random and very coherent

- Luca

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