The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

7th June 2021

Had a dream??
Fucked up FMA ova post series. Al dies and ed, instead of alchemy, gets him back via basically witchcraft.
It goes wrong midway, as Al seems weirdly cold to Ed's desperate attempts to reunite them and almost turns back to leave,
and Ed realises he has to give up more than just the components, and so screams at the vague entity of god to take his memory of a specific fight he and Al had.

It works, and Al is back, but bc he gives up a key memory to do so both he and Al don't really like each other all that much
AND ed basically butterfly effects himself into having never been an alchemist, and keeps insisting he has a lab/was a scientist.

He's bedridden from the effects of the witchcraft, again still mumbling abt his science work, with all of his friends being like
"Ed. You never owned a lab. What the fuck"

Ed is acting annoyed at all this, still convinced his new memories are real, and then the fucking narrative confirms they straight up might be as Ed,
finishing up some notes in a notebook, calls over one of the friends in the room, and he says,

"Vriska. About the thief of 1918. I think you might know about it, don't you?"

And then the episode fucking ends

- Luca

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