The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

17th June 2021

Had a dream where for some reason one of my classes required me to sing a song on stage. I had not even heard of the song until the night of performance.

The song like, wasn't real, it was by a band called Austria and had lyrics I can remember but it's chorus followed the structure of
"we're the __ of " with the first blank always being a two syllable compound word that tended to be [adjective][noun] (think like, Stonehenge).

The song was very Pop Rock, but I remember being surprised at how genuinely intense it was and how much it leaned into the rock part.

Anyways on the night of performance I discussed how stupid it was that we had to preform live, and he agreed, with a "who needs to sing to get a marketing degree"
I then realized this was all bullshit and I could take the mark loss so I just left.

I also remember having another dream where I dressed up as a woman (not like in a trans way like in an impersonation way) and wandered around a pill factory.
But the factory floor was literally just 2 dudes sitting next to a conveyer belt. I remember one of them fucked up and forgot to put a casing on one of the pills.

- Sam

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