The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

22nd June 2021

had a dream where I was working at this place that was both a zoo and a amusement park.
they were showing me this private area with lots of smaller animal species, and they gave me a huge slab of coral and went "time to feed the moose"
they took me to the moose enclosure and a dude showed me how. they just pointed the coral at a moose and a lazer came out of it and hit the moose? apparantly it was feeding it?
anyway he starts to talk abt the consequences of not doing this and I see like a video game trailer of this but a mario game done with mario odyssey assets.
and theres a section where the moose gets out, becomes giant and starts rampaging because it wasnt fed and mario would have to stop it

buuut it was implied to me the rampaging part was fake and was just made up for the game trailer, not actual game content.
I thought to myself "yeesh Nintendo that's an awful decision" before immediately waking up

- Pearl

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