The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

23rd June 2021

Dreamed I had to get 7 magical macguffins before my rival (who was a girl with no eyes?),
BC whoever had more would take control in the involuntary fusion of those in possession of the items

I won by having only 2 real ones by having them have 1, but ensuring they picked up the specifically fake ones
that a youtuber had made for an ill fated giveaway in the early 2010s. One of them was in a game of hook a duck
.... And then we had to team up to find them for real before the true villain (who looked like sasuke a bit) could arrive on earth and kill everyone

also in the dream there was a version of my fursona that looked like this but it was very much a footnote and all that happened was i saw it phase through my actual fursona's leg

my fursona was just sitting around being also not relevant
it was like "well time to find another macguffin in this courtyard full of cats. hi fursona. hi thing. anyway i think this cat isnt the one we're looking for put it down"
the girl with no eyes stopped being evil once i pointed out that nobody really follows peoples eyelines or checks where youre looking so its okay to not have eyes since she could see just fine
it was very much almost coherent

- Luca

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