The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

24th June 2021

Had another Hitman Dream.
47 was infiltrating a massive mansion/headquarters where all the evil rich people had been having a party, but it also had the vibes of like, a high school.
You also had a buddy with you, another guy who was following you around and could take people out alongside you and would match your disguises.

Early on 47 was wandering through dark, hi-tech halls with alcoves with computer terminals halfway through them,
eventually I made it to a sort of classroom looking room where you had to shoo off a group of journalists before knocking out a girl meditating.

Eventually we made it to a library where we got spotted and 47 had to run around through the bookshelves to avoid getting caught. He's got jukes.
Then when leaving the library we knocked out a guard but we're seen by another guard, but the buddy knocked him out. The guard's costume can only be described as off-brand nazi uniform

After that we made it up to another floor where the party was going on,
in a side room there was a guy sleeping in a chair and a secret door that lead to a hidden room, we tried opening the door but the dude started to wake up.

Then the dream took a wild turn where it was no longer hitman but instead we were helping a kid put their Pokémon and Hybrid Simpsons
(the heads and bodies were switched. Homer's head on Marge's body) action figures back into a bag that could barely fit then. But we managed it

Then I woke up

- Sam

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