The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

26th June 2021

had a dream that i owned a fuck ton of insects as pets and kept them in my room? i think i had termites, mealworms, earthworms,
some sort of cockroach and definitely some other insect i forgot.
i was trying desperately to set these all up at least a little nicely but the roaches i couldnt even open the lid of the enclosure without loads of them
trying to escape and the termites were kinda just killing and eating everything else.
also i think a termite queen got mysteriously chopped in half, which like, how does that happen? i just found em that way.

i think byy the time i woke up id already resigned to my room becoming a termite mound
also all of the insects came in this kit that had feed and stuff too and there was just a couple of items in there that were 100% unrelated.
literally got like three pouches of baby formula in there

- Pearl

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