The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

2nd July 2021

New strangest possible dream
It feels like it builds on pervious like, dream lore that I have but I can't recall.
I'm in a gas station with my friends. We own this gas station because it shut down but technically we were able to get legal ownership of the building.
We don't know how to run a gas station so it's just a cool clubhouse i guess

I decide to leave the gas station, and as I do, Jeffree Star walks up to me, asking if I fixed "the thing". I don't understand and say yes.
I am given $200 in cash. Jeffree then walks off. Two girls walk into the gas station, unaware that it is no longer operational

I then walk to bestbuy, where it's the coolest store possible.
They're selling games in pristine condition from 30 years ago, giant statues of fictional characters, and Wii Us for literally $10.
I contemplate buying on but pass, and wander around the store some more.
I find games like Sonic 1 for the DS, Pong for the Snes, and a giant pile of unsold Hyrule Warriors themed Switches.
I decide to check out the dvd section where I then wake up because I guess I can't comprehend blu-ray in the dreamspace

Things of note:
- I do not consume any media involving Jeffree Star
- The Local BestBuy is not that cool
- The current price for a Wii U is not $10 new
- I was shirtless in the BestBuy for some reason

- Sam

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