The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

3rd July 2021

Had a dream that flipped between like. Realism and silly
Realism: new sonic game has a chao garden. Its a little less complex than sa2s but you can get some chao by finding them in the overworld. Found a very beefy dark speed chao in a hidden area

Silly: the dream dropped the guise of the game and it just became abt me trying to carry this chao, wriggling out of my arms the whole time,
at slightly too late at night, to the closest pet store to get it tagged. It was very hyjinks
i was trying to carry it in my arms but it did keep squirming and if i looked away for 2 seconds it would absolutely be wandering off somewhere
nobody around me batted an eye and in fact directed me toward the nearest vets

wait. feel like i should elaborate on this hidden area.
imagine if you will, amy rose making her way through the air vents in an army crawl, popping open a side vent,
and there are 4 dark chao inside hanging out and she just grabs the biggest one like a prized chicken

stunning artistic recreation with the help of chaoviewer

- Luca

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