The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

13th July 2021

Right right right fuck I had 2 dreams last night
1. Adventure time finally reared its head properly in one, just a small, honestly very "could just be an episode"
plot of "2 candy ppl realise pb is killing and remaking them any time they get too clever for their own good,
and start marking a tally into their icing to count which iteration they were. It ended on a shot of them doing that somewhat ominously, no real resolution

And 2
A... Scooby doo episode
The episode was split in two, one half following the gang as they explore a haunted house, and the other a genuinely stressful slasher horror in the same house in the past.
The episode would cut between the two with very little delineation, though often showing the Scooby gang enter the room just after the slasher scene in there ends,
often with little indication of how much time had truly passed. It was a bit fucked up.

- Luca

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