The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

15th July 2021

Oh yeah I had dreams
1. Weird kinda scary dream of my family questioning me why I had two profiles on my computer.
One Me and another listed under Ali's name. When you switched between them my bedsheets switched from Purple to Red.
I think then I somehow got lost in a weird creepy underground facility? I don't remember this one too well

2. Counting this one as separate even though I think this lead in from the previous one.
POV switches to Oriax, who's racing through a mountain road on a bike against actual race cars.
At one point she takes a detour into the woods and ends up in a weird treehouse populated by a feral woodwose type.
Still had a computer though and was pretty chill overall. Eventually we she got back on the race by cutting through some mountain paths on her bike,
but then the race was declared illegal and she had to hide from the cops.
There was a weird final bit when she got back to the starting area mountain town and there was a discussion of like, the Nintendo DS

3. My brain was just relaying a warped version of Homestuck that I don't remember, but I know that Lord English and Demogorgon got like,
fused together and was named something along the lines of Lord Thalassaphone

- Sam

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