The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

25th July 2021

had a dream last night
i was soft resetting for shiny cobalion [which i am doing irl] when i managed to encounter one, despite the palette being completely different colour to actual shiny cobalion,
he had turned like shades of bronze. anyway they ran away like the safari zone after breaking out a quick ball
so i reset the game only to have another pokemon spwan in where cobalion was and also was shiny.
i quickly discovered no matter how mcuh i reset the very next pokemon i was going to encounter was 100% going to be shiny,
but i couldnt get cobalion to spawn again. or at least the real cobalion, he turned up a couple more times but both times the game showed a paper cutout of cobalion and immediately ended the battle.
in a last ditch attempt i decided to fly to another town and just dodge every encounter and try to get back to cobalion.

so i had to go along routes trying not to be tempted to get a free shiny of other pokemon.
specifically remembering seeing an applin and having a moment cause i knew my friend rly wanted a shiny applin and it would be a nice gift, but i moved on

the dream kinda derailed after that, i was briefly captured by some scp like organisation but i escaped and ended up on the run,
where i was taken in by my auntie and took refuge in her daughters room and also there was a sea slug museum nearby. i turn on the tv.
its playing the dream mask music video with a different song over it.

in fact the music video had clips spliced in from what i recognized was existing kids tv shows in this universe [do not think they were real] which implied this was some sort of ad for a dream tv show????
fucking hysterical and horrifying concept at the same time

it also played someones mlp oc amv i recognized also in-universe as having stolen artwork in it [again, do not think its a real amv but im less sure of that]
but having a song that didnt line up with it at all played over it instead of the og song. the tv network added some lyrics over the original video but it still rly didnt time well

- Pearl

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