The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

3rd August 2021

i had a dream abt a fucked up pokemon game i think?
game let you start The DLC before the main game if you chose to
and i think it was that me and connor started and used a team of just the event mons available at the time.
i remember it was connor because i literally remember during the dream, while the creepypasta shit was happening, connor wasn't fucking terrified which is very ooc

so it started the player in a dlc area far too strong
and while the dream had almost coherently been like. swsh until now. it stopped being
so the player was walking through a horrid white void. very ominous. we kept battling and gaining levels weirdly quick ( i think we were using a shiny zeraora but it started at a low level)
we got to like level 70, everything was double battles, and we ran into a golem

wait no it was like a triple or horde battle actually
i remember bc we used a multi target move and brought multiple down to red health
we tossed a cherish ball (of which we had 3) at one of the golem and it broke out
another one of the mons in the battle used double edge and kod itself so we threw another cherish ball at golem

it broke out again and for a moment transformed into a fucked up little guy with a square head and a creepypasta ass face
we threw the final cherish ball, and it became a black pokeball that looked like an ultra ball but the yellow stripes raised up into horns?
and the game slowed to an unsettling speed to put emphasis on each shake
it shook 3 times and broke out, becoming the fucked up little guy again (at this point sam was in the dream and remarked they looked kinda like the tomodatchi life shopkeeps) and the battle ended with it escaping somewhere
then it haunted and stalked us for the rest of the time

and i drew the fucked up little guy since i remember him vividly

and far less scary: pokeball

- Luca

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