The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

12th August 2021

Had a dream I had to go undercover in a convent (while having it poorly explained to me my goal) and my friend had to do the same for a basketball team and we were both so so confused
when i say convent there were fuckall nuns it seems but i did have to hide in a bathroom from a lady with an insane asymmetrical bob cut.
i escaped into a library that was full of maximum security prisoners and then rendezvoused with my friend in a school looking hallway as they were peering into a basketball court looking deeply puzzled.

other elements that were not coherent but i know were in this:
one of my other friends it turns out had always had an identical twin id never known about who had the exact same name
i found a ledian themed toy pokeball in a store
garnet steven universe was there and was very very small and was resigned to her death. she was trapped in like. gelatine or something
somehow, markus was there and so was the batter from OFF and they were colluding on how to solve some kind of dnd esque puzzle?
it involved feeding living paper to a code monster or somethin akin? this was somehow connected to my friends secret twin

the way i initially framed this dream was as if it was coherent. rest assured it was absolutely not

- Luca

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