The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

15th August 2021

had a dream that the us military dropped a bomb behind my house set to go off at 4pm and i tried to tell my dad but he said there was notging we could do
and i shouldnt touch it so i took a friend (?) and we stole 2 bikes because i had these packsw of weird jelly where if we wrote a place on the labels,
rubbed the plastic on ourselves while thinking of the place and exited an area it would take us there. after some panicked deliberation
(it was like 3:31 at this point, i had been trying to steal vehicles for a while) we decided to go to nevada (like buttfuck nowhere nevada) and we put it there

then i woke up. an hour before my alarm

worth noting that my original plan before i remembered the jelly was to steal a motorcycle and go out as far from the city as i could and potentially sacrifice myself
nobody really seemed bothered by the bomb. i saw it dropped in like a crate and it landed beside by window but also somehow behind the house.
i knew they were targeting me, and would do whatever they had to to kill me (even obliterate innocents)

- Cecilia

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