The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

17th August 2021

Oh yeah I had some real fucked dreams
First one was just "a bad animated movie released but was entirely in esperanto"
2nd one was????? Unfollowably in-depth so I'll just give you the basic concept of "Smash Bros. Esque supermassive crossover of a bunch of characters and universes. But everyone was Loki"

I'd provide a complete list of characters for who showed up in the Loki dream but I cannot remember all of them so I'll make a short list
- Me
- My Brother
- Multiple versions of Loki (not even mcu specific Loki but they did have a green/gold colour scheme)
- Michael Myers
- several dogs
- zombies
- Eridan Ampora
- Feferi Peixes
- a pair of sword wielding twins
- several random people I can't remember
- the plot took place at both my house and my grandmothers house

Everyone was a Loki and several people were also zombies it stacked
I didn't start out as a Loki but I pretended to be one and then just gained powers I guess
Also Feferi did specifically kill Zombie Eridan
Michael Myers was actually on our side (since it was like two factions) and had be turned back into a normal man when one of the Lokis stripped us of our powers
It was fucked up

- Sam

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