The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

19th August 2021

had a dream wherein i dont remember what happened fully in the first half but i know there was two monkeys? just normalass chimpanzees -
i know they were smart and idk i know they were trying to get out of a situation together and they suceeded and basically turned into celebrities.
and then they were gay and idk it felt very "disneys first gay character" but cant put my finger on why but i remember that was specifically something said about these monkeys
and then it switched to like a first person pov? i was a nondescript "scientist" i think idk what happened in the beginning i think i was just breaking into movie sets,
but at some point i met up with one of those monkeys and oh my god, we hated eachother.
the rest of the dream was the chimp continiously ruining my day in various ways and i kept trying to get back at him but failing until i finally just like,
went completely crazy and beat this monkey half to death.

the cops came and i tried to escape but idk what happened in dream mes brain i decided to hide in the jail in someone elses cell because they all had names outside em
and i was convinced they wouldnt notice. it didnt work, partially cause i never made it into someone elses cell.
ended up in the interrogation room with the monkey and a bunch of cops, hid and thought i was good but the monkey saw me and the cops locked me in the interrogation room.

i go "god, i fucking hate the police" and wake up

- Pearl

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