The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

21st August 2021

Had a dream abt some kind of boarding school?
Normal school day then there were extracurricular activities. In this dream I noted a group who were routinely dressing as aviators and decided to blend in and follow one.
Turned out to be nothing but I instead met a student volunteering to look after the strange Harry Potter Experience (it was a long corridor with a lot of books and stairs up and down. Pretty unimpressive),
stapled to the school, who noted that yeah, nobody likes to go in it. He just does this because it got him credits for doing basically nothing.

The most notable part was that this was like a 20 min long hallway, and midway down it were 3 doors that lead into singular bathrooms with showers,
and each was humid and warm enough to be recently used. Everyone agreed that the 10 min walk was worth it for the unique privacy.

The end of the corridor lead into a sad concrete room with an open door into a grey concrete outdoor space and had several faucets that seemed to only dispense piss.
I was told it was 'fine' and not to worry abt it before exiting into the concrete yard.
I thoroughly learned nothing

- Luca

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