The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

21st August 2021

also had a dream, think i moved to a different country where there was some undertones of government corruption but no one specified what country it was in the dream

i had like, two switching povs, one of myself, where i discovered this place only lets you visit 3 websites on their wifi and then you had to pay extra,
but you could get around it if you had a reason and lockdown was still a reason there despite me being certain it wasnt going on anymore in the dream.
that was basically the extent of it besides me going "hey does like the government spy on people or smth here" and not rly getting an answer

other pov was like a teenage girl thats living with this old lady and a bunch of other teens?
i do not know what the situation was there, but this old lady was very "traditional" apparantly for this country -
it was pretty out there stuff she was opposed to though. specifically remember her yelling at one of the other teens for wearing a flower crown.

- Pearl

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