The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

3rd September 2021

So I had some dreams
1. Some random guy my family was having over was staying the night and needed to sleep in my room. I was not happy about this and the pillows he brought were incredibly thin and hard

2. I was running away from a large Orc man in a Minecraft world. I kept trying to scale a wall or get on top of a building but he wouldn't let up.
I tried to talk it out and he was just like "sorry bud, I gotta kill you"

Now the 3rd dream I had is what I can only assume tiktok teams mean by reality shifting in your sleep
3. So I was just Samyyl in this dream, so when I say "me" think of Samyyl.
I was being kept around in a throne room by a Condense-esque (not sure if it was HIC or just another adult fuchsia),
they were keeping me (a rustblood) around because they just seemed to actually like me. Now I was actually sliding documents to a group of rebels to overthrow her,
but I did feel bad betraying my evil empress friend

So I guess I just reality shifted into Samyyl's brain for that one

- Sam

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