The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

5th September 2021

oh forgot 2 mention but had a dream last night. i was hanging out with this 12 year old girl who i assume i was babysitting and she was SUPER into horror.
mild ghost girl vibes i dont rly remember what she looked like. i know we went into a shop and she somehow kept finding all sorts of weird things on the shelves,
but i dont rly remember what any of them were rip

but then later she tells me she has these really creepy photos she found she wants to show me and its just like.
pictures of my friends dog, but with the eyes glowing red.
the pictures were like totally normal otherwise besides being dark and one of them they weren't even facing the screen so u couldn't even see the evil eyes.
poorly drawn sketches of what i remember 2 of the photos looked like

- Pearl

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