The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

19th September 2021

Oh boy!!!!!! Guess who had some fucking dreams
Do you wanna hear the one with the New Alien Species or the one with Giant Floating Vriska Head first?

I think the Alien Species is something I could more talk about so let's do that one second
So: had another Vriska dream. It was nonsensical
So I had driven into the woods to go to a Japanese mental institution. My brain was rationalizing it as the cabin I went to this summer + my grandmothers house.
The warden(?) of the place offered me a job with $5 an hour to work there. I took it and turns out Adam was also there, though dressed in some Sci-Fi bullshit spacesuit.
We basically did no real work but we sat around and got paid. The story then takes a hard shift.

We're in space! We're aboard Vriska's spacecraft which is just a giant robot version of her head. We're there with a bunch of random people including some Trolls,
Tavros with his horns ripped off and The Midnight Crew. We're cruising through space and then a Giant Green Skull appears, piloted by, presumably, Lord English.
I woke up because I think this was getting too much for me

My source of inspiration for those was definitely Knowhere from marvel? The decapitated celestial head that's a giant city
And the Vriska ship specifically had wires and tubes hanging out the bottom so it had presumably been removed from a larger Vriska Robot

Now the alien dream was more sensible.

It started in a movie theatre showing some sort of Star Warstrek-esque, and there was these dudes in Alien cosplay. Turns out they were real aliens.
News media about the alien invasion is a mix of "oh god aliens" and alien propaganda
Smash cut to me at home backing some belongings with my bro thing and getting in a big truck to drive away to a new safehouse.

At some point my brother drops out of the story and I'm alone wandering in the woods by a road.
A random girl shows up and insists we take out the aliens via bombing them with fighter jets from a local military base. I think that's dangerous and don't join.
I then find myself in a house filled with these aliens all masking as humans. They seem mostly chill though? Like they don't try and kill me they just kinda keep me around. I wake up

Now the interesting thing with the alien dream is the aliens themselves:
Humanoid, dark blue with white markings, Cthulhu-esque heads with tentacle mouths, and instead of hands they also have multiple small tentacles acting as fingers with barbs art the end

It's unclear how the aliens actually did their shapeshifting and human replacement. They operated just as normal humans mostly,
and rather than a "killing the human, shapeshifte into them, replace" they seemed to straight up convert humans into these aliens.
How was unclear and what happened to the human consciousness was also unclear but I do remember one alien at the theatre attacking a guy by latching the tentacles onto the guys face

- Sam

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