The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

28th September 2021

remade another film in my dreams lads! remember shrek forever after? mine now ❤️
so shrek discovers the end of the world is coming, and goes to like actually find someone to help, but too bad for him! rumpilstiltskin is here,
cause im pretty sure thats the villain. and shreks like "dude, i know ur evil but nows not the time, apocalypse incoming"
rumpilstiltskin dont care that much and just like, evaporates shrek, and then dumps him down a grate.

shrek wakes up in like this black void thats full of cages - one behind him is empty and all of the rest have a horse in them, all of the horses look identical to eachother.
this litlle butterfly shows up and is like "hii do you like my cages? :]]"

things get a little hazy here but shrek and the butterfly end up in another black void thats like a long hallway w obstacles,
they run partway down it but a white butterfly shows up and attacks shrek, resetting him to the start and also injuring him.
the other butterfly realized that a new butterflies started chasing them at some point and more would turn up if they made it further

and immediately after that realization my alarm woke me up 💔

- Pearl

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