The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

3rd October 2021

WAIT I DID have a dream
I dreamt I got roped into befriending like a whole ass grown woman BC she lived nearby and had lent me something at some point so I was just sat awkwardly trying to socialise
and just ended up talking abt Pokémon with her 7 year old and desperately trying to find an excuse to leave
while everyone I knew irl wouldn't give me a lift home and acted like it was rude to want to not be in a house with a kind but slightly neurotic woman with which I had nothing in common.
I finally left after someone else came looking for a place to stay and I was like "HAHA, I SHALL WALK HOME, SINCE THIS PERSON NEEDS A PLACE TO STAY AND THERE IS ONLY ONE SPARE ROOM..."

- Luca

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