The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

10th October 2021

Oh shit my fragmentary dream had a dnd scenario in it
Y'all were having to sneak around a big barbarian dinner party and susperion had to make a very large sandwich. They made a normal sized one and got yelled at.

There were like 20 other things in this dream but I forget them. Some shit to do with anime was one

expanding on this: the dream did not continue this scenario far it just kind of eventually devolved into ratatoie and then into a generic "i am in a location" dream
but i remember what the barbarian looked like to a degree. weird fucked up monster.
i think it was framed as a general 'sneak into this party' mission so im pretty sure everyone went the obvious route of "im chef and also waiter",
and suspirion just managed to get a shit customer who specifically wanted a very large.... legit i think it was an egg and salad sandwich.
like very specifically the thing that happened before the dream became unintelligible again was susperion being sent off to go and find like. cartoonishly giant fucking eggs.

i think phidi was also just like . being a rat in the kitchen. skulking

^barbarian who would like to speak to the manager

- Luca

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