The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

25th October 2021

Had a dream abt a horror.....? Game?
It was a game where you built kaiju mechs out of limited parts and if your thing beefed it, you had to start over with whatever pieces you had left.
A bad enough losing streak would use up all your scrap and youd full on lose the game

in my dream it was like.... mm it had the aesthetics of silent hill
the mechs you built were very stringy and wirey. not enough scrap for bulk. i think the main one i was using had a big security camera for a head
looked a bit like this. i think my brain was rationalising the evangelion robots for some parts of the body.
it was in a more hunched over fighting stance than what ive drawn

but yeah it was basically you make a mech guy (and are in a room/bunker with a big staticky screen and a couple other stressed engineers)
and sent it out into some silent hill ass ruined city to fight.
you got to control the mech during the fight (idk why im calling them mechs they werent piloted they were remote control, perhaps a little sentient)
to try take down the opposing ones. you get scrap parts from winning and lose them from losing

I got the other guy down to like 1/2 health before dying and then bc id lost all my good parts i had to use kind of shittier parts for robot #2 and then i woke up before i could inevitably lose

- Luca

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