The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

25th October 2021

I had a dream I got invited into a dream world sort of thing where you got to defeat like an inner demon

The dream world was a Minecraft taiga, and I found a jungle temple with windows in a small clearing on a cliff.
Inside I found a ghost who looked like a generic trucker wielding an axe. He threw it at me but missed so I grabbed it to use it against him.
But then we had to pause our fight because in the doorway there was a giant pillar of flesh.

I smacked the axe (now turned into a rusty pickaxe) against the flesh and it turned into a vampire.
The pick broke because his AC was too high and I realized had to use spells.

I woke up because I didn't know what spell list to use and it broke the fiction
Before I entered the dream world I was in like, a classroom that was also my garage.
I entered the dream through a pink and purple chute that looked like an eye. Some random girl was guiding me through it
I think they were in the room during the showdown
Actually I'm pretty sure they couldn't see the ghost or vampire

Also the Axe/Pickaxe was called like, The Sword of Jorkunstall or something
Like it was very much not a sword

- Sam

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