The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

28th October 2021

Had a dream where I went to an abandoned building
Like it was just in the middle of the countryside, just barely a minute walk down a path.
It was like, reasonably crumbled, to the point where I could just walk through one of the corners.
It was big, size of like a barnhouse and similarly empty, with no internal walls.

It was made of stone, regular light grey blackened to dark brown by soot as per most churches, and had big church style windows,
in that they were pointed arched windows with big thick stone framed with accents, and were glassless.

The only things in this massive high ceiling building was that half of the floorspace was just.... A regular graveyard.
Now it literally wasn't even spooky, Everything was perfectly well lit since it was the top of the day outside and sunny,
so plenty of light was coming through the half collapsed roof + windows

All I did in there was take a few photos being like "damn. Cool architecture" and then I just left out the other side into another hilly graveyard and like, walked off

- Luca

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