The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

12th November 2021

had a crazy ass dream last night
in the dream i woke up, going on toyhouse and a friend of mine had posted a bulletin seeking design trades,
specifically looking for designs based on a tv show they have been rly into lately so it checks out.
they linked a few moodboards and specified a location in the show they wanted stuff based on but i dont remember either of those

but anyway i commented and did the whole "u know what my arts like but heres examples anyway"
but then realized after posting the comment that only like 1 piece i showed was mine and i was like damnit and deleted all but that 1 piece
from the post and the dream like switched to irl and apparantly i had to like, physically look for my art irl in order to put in the post?
and i was in this tall ass building with lifts and slides that take you all the way to the bottom floor from the top.

i dont really remember what quite happened in here when it was me looking around this place but i remember running around desperately because i literally
couldn't find the room they were in and also checking the toyhouse bulletin and seeing they'd replied to another comment asking for a custom
based on some monster and despite that comment not being there 5 minutes ago it was listed as being sent 6 hours ago

im not really sure what happened next but at some point i switched to a 3rd person pov and apparantly
i was actually watching episode 9 and 10 of season 1 of infinity train (for context i have started watching but keep forgetting to continue) it was still just a girl,
now no longer me but also not anyone from infinity train i know of, running around that same tall building,
being chased by 2 normalass people and a small monkey in some flying saucer thing

and i specifically remember this: she jumps on the slide down to the bottom, but as shes getting to the end the bottom floor turns into a bowling alley,
the 2 people are bowling next to her and the monkey has like a cannon attached to the end of the slide thats gonna fire a bowling ball into her face,
but she turns the whole cannon around and the bowling ball hits the monkey and the monkey dies. and then her and the two humans who were there all cry over the monkey

and then it like... hard cut to a bunch of talking animals?? i dont even remember what they were talking about but it sounded like some zany moral lesson that mentioned trains
(the FIRST TIME TRAINS HAD COME UP THIS WHOLE "EPISODE") and i was literally like "hey what is this?? hello????"
and paused it with the intent to go message the friend who dragged me into watching infinity train like what the fuck is this,
but for some reason i checked like the list of episodes for infinity train first
and apparantly i hadnt watched episode 9 and 10 of season one, but as i scrolled down i noticed it had listed me as watching random episodes throughout all the other seasons,
and i locked eyes with an episode in season 4 i had apparantly watched - and idk i just remember seeing some long title that contained the word pufferfish,
and then i immediately woke up after seeing that

- Pearl

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