The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

1st December 2021

Had a dream where it was discussion on how a character's dad in a 1950s childrens novel was described as black
and was a super progressive character at the time but in every adaption of the book he's changed to white or slightly tan
except for one adaptation in the 50s that was lost

I also had a dream about a cgp grey video that was insane and had seemingly no point?
The cgp grey video was just like: framed as one of his videos but had nothing to do with him but it was like:

A kid growing up in Montreal who goes out to jump in the river at midnight during winter. (Bad idea)
he finds this pair of unique scissors underwater and meets this older woman who recognizes the scissors as the key
to a locked cloche from the War that was used to server food to the soldiers (but was locked???).
They open it and it's full of mold and a single can with a bunch of small items in it, dried up and moody food,
and two silver Anubis statues. Then the old lady kills herself in the future and the story has no end????

- Sam

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