The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

9th December 2021

anyway i woke up this morning very well rested and genuinely awake bc i got 10 hours sleep but also literally i had a vivid fucking dream memory in my mind that has not left my head

anyway i had a fever/stress dream (?) about scooby doo ig
it was shaggy and scooby in the pup named scooby doo artstyle and they were in the postapocalypse and scavenging for food.
n when i woke up i had the specific imagery in my brain of them doing a like classic slapstick bit of

"im gonna take a bite of this one sandwich we found-- oops where's it gone? oh you have it!" and back and forth but with like a distinct undertone of melancholy.

then i laid in bed for 5 mins trying to unpack that

- Luca

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