The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

12th December 2021

Oh god i had a dream for once
So i was moving homes after my tenancy on my current place expired and i moved in to a fun new one with my current house mates again,
i was very excited because my room had a walk in cupboard but it was like kind of big and i had a plan to put a bean bag in there and make a fun den for me to play my switch in.

So i was like cleaning and moving in and moving furniture and stuff to make my fun little den but in the walk in cupboard there was a hatch that
looked like an attic one but on the ground and i went through it and it was a cobwebby tight space that people in a horror movie would probably have to crawl through at somepoint.

But the crawlspace just led to like a regular ass office toilet and i was like "oh sick an ensuite"
but the toilet had a regular door different from the ensuite and it led to a huge warehouse connected to an office block of workers.

And essentially the rest of the dream was me and the office block of people like fighting over whether they had access to my room
since before the house was bought they would use it as a rec room as its connected to the toilet and like smartly dressed office workers kept appearing in my room
in the dead of night even with a padlock and chain on the hatch with furniture over it.

- Connor

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