The Clown House Communal Dream Journal

17th December 2021

had a dream that was basically juuust portal 3
like it just contained glados et al
the setup was a veneer of like, mental health/therapy puzzles, complete with shortcuts back to the entrance for if you wanted to leave,
but after a certain point you effectively enter a staffroom/behind the scenes (very portal 1) and those stop since youre no longer in the public facing test chambers.
and then after that point glados goes from being at least somewhat of a Nicer Less Mean Glados who is
presumably Pretending to be a Therapy AI back to generally cutting and cruel glados BUUUUT with an EXTREME undercurrent of sexuality.
no i dont know what happened after that it got hazy but just kinda dial the regular seductiveness of glados up to 11 and imagine youre in office buildings
with frosted glass that only allow you to see her vague silhouette (and also imagine that shes like 3x the size of normal glados).
i havent even thought about portal recently my brain just went off the shits ig

- Luca

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